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Photo by Tracey LindShip of Fools – Tracey Lind – 2004

A Sermon Preached on the 3rd Sunday of Epiphany – January 23, 2011

Matthew 4:12-33

Today, following Jesus’ baptism, his sojourn into the wilderness, and the arrest of his cousin John, Jesus withdraws into region of Galilee to make his home in Capernaum by sea. And there he calls his first disciples to ministry.

This text is a significant turning point in Matthew’s Gospel for it marks the beginning of Jesus’ real ministry. Well-known preacher and biblical scholar Thomas Long suggests that the story introduces five key elements of the gospel narrative that will be repeated over and over again: the time, the place, the message, the disciples, and the ministry.1

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Photo by Tracey Lind

A number of years ago, a wise person told me that the only way to survive winter in Cleveland is to embrace it – to actually spend time outside in our winter wonderland of snow and ice.  I took her advice seriously and committed to hiking and cross-country skiing through the winter months.

photo by Tracey Lind

I first cross country skied as a young adult when I realized that downhill was simply not for me – too cold, too fast, too scary, too expensive, and too much waiting in lift lines.  However, it never occurred to me to take a cross-country ski lesson.   What could be so hard about gliding across fields and trails on two long pieces of wood?  For years, I cross-country skied without any knowledge about what I was doing, and thus rarely made it down any hills without falling or running into a tree.

Photo by Tracey Lind

Last year, I decided to seek some guidance and wisdom and asked a friend to give me a lesson or two.  Off we went to practice going up and down hills, over and over again.  What a difference it made.  As I was skiing last weekend, I realized that my friend taught me some valuable lessons that might be applied to our daily life and work.

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